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Customer Testimonials

      Deep-tissue, an evaluation massage 90 minutes and it was MAGNIFICENT. I cannot think of many words to describe the massage so I will use AMAZING also and that Luba is very professional, thorough and using her skills attained by training from various styles and cultures - she is perfect. I highly praise her skills and you should trust my words. Don [email protected]
       I scheduled time with Luba primarily to help me get rid of some of the stress of life. I got that! But I got so much more. Luba is the consummate professional. She is knowledgeable and gifted beyond my expectations. Her body working skills are incredible but they are only part of the value Luba brings to the session. I didn't leave with just a great massage, I left with an idea of how I can incorporate bodywork to improve the quality of my life from both a physical and an emotional perspective. Luba really is THAT skilled. I got lucky when I chose to have an initial session with her. I certainly will be returning. Ken W. 
      My experience with Luba was amazing! After a short interview, she preformed a preliminary massage, to better understand my body and my needs. After a delicious 60 minutes of massage, she sat with me, explained what she found and offered what she thought was best for my issues, explaining the different types of massage and bodywork she offers. I feel so much better today. My initial consultation was yesterday and I've already set up another appointment for Friday. Her prices are VERY reasonable, and you can FEEL her heart in her work. If you are serious about healing and looking for more than just a rub-down with oils to "work out the kinks", get in touch with Luba! "

- Traci B.,  customer from Thumbtack


      Had a fantastic one hour Ashiatsu massage with Luba today. This was my third with her in the past month and she is easily the best therapist I have been to in Jacksonville, and I have been to SEVEN others over the past three years between Fernandina and Mandarin. Her Ashiatsu massage is exactly what I had been looking for to treat my chronic back pain and muscle tightness. This is the only massage I have had here where real pressure is applied making it a true deep tissue massage. When you book a one hour massage with her you get a one hour massage, and at very fare rates. None of this paying for 60 minutes and then barely getting a 50 minute “deep tissue” where the therapist doesn’t want to do any real deep work and get tired, and instead wastes half the massage time taking it easy by working on your scalp, toes, fingers, wrists, etc. Luba knows how to do a real Ashiatsu and the varying pressure that is applied takes a lot of skill to do correctly, which she has. She takes the time and interest in actually trying to address your pain, such as today when she recommended and applied thorough stretching to my shoulder area between the massage work so my visit would be more effective. Her treatment room is done up real nice and has the actual Ashiatsu bars in the ceiling over the table. Her massage is not just some person walking aimlessly on your back, like what I had at a supposed Ashiatsu place in Mandarin. Will be returning soon and also getting a gift massage for my mom.  
Joe Vanetty 
      I am so satisfied!!! A very talented therapist with many healing techniques. Thank you Luba. Patric H.
Luba's through massage definitely was great! For sure found problem areas and was able to loosen then up unlike any other therapist I've tried." 

- Brad D.,  Thumbtack customer


   Luba is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. She is a true professional that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Her studio has the perfect ambiance.
Alex W.
   I must say, that from the moment I enter into Luba's house, I felt very comfortable and welcomed, she is a truly professional and make me feel wonderful, her knowledge is outstanding and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Luba and I look forward to see you again. Jose R.
   Luba is the best massage therapist in Jacksonville. With her her I have my body back when it used to be many years ago. Yuri N.
   Are you looking for great massage experience? Look no further than Luba! Not only is she professional, but she  is quite dimly the best. I recommend highly and enthusiastically. Also she is easy on the pocket book compared to other parlors. Give her a call. you won't regret it is she guaranties her work."

- Richard P. Pickard