The Perfect Massage 
& Oriental Bodywork

LMT - MA75470.

My name is Luba I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Oriental Bodyworker. At "The Perfect Massage & Oriental Bodywork" I am focused on providing massage services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. I am a Private Practicing Licensed Massage Therapist with Oriental Bodywork Specification as well as other traditional techniques in which I am certified. I like to experiment and study a lot to be up to date. My work is my Passion, I love what I do and I do my work not just with knowledge I studied through my life but with all my heart. Goals of my clients are my highest goals and I do my best to help with any condition to the satisfaction of my clients. 

I am skilled and experienced in the following: Swedish, Classic Russian; Deep Tissue; Medical Massage; Traditional Thai & Yoga Thai; Shiatsu; Ashiatsu (walking with my barefoot on the client's body); Hot or Gemstone Massage; Reflexology; Ayurvedic and Aroma; Acupressure; Trigger Point Therapy; Fire Cupping; Visceral Massage; Manual Lymphatic Drainage; Non surgical Face lift massage; Osteopathic techniques for MT; Myofascial Release & Detoxing Honey with anti cellulite program; Sensual & Tantra Wellness, Herbalism, Nutritions, and homeopathic natural remedies.

My experience, practicing Massage Therapy & Oriental Bodyworks begun some time before I relocated to the US. And Massage I added to my practice, in addition to other subjects of my interest including Herbalism, Ayurveda and Healing Word & Touch. I am a Third Generation of Siberian Healers and grateful to my grandmother and my mom who passed onto me this old ancient knowledge. All my life, from a very young age, I've had a connection with Universe and Nature, its power to affect our bodies and spirits, our mind and being. Connect with Mother Nature, respect its deep knowledge and she will give you understanding not of yourself only but the World and all creatures surrounding you, of the Universal and Cosmic Energies, of all energies which are First, which are Here...